Our Team

Here are a few of our team members

Yvonne Mandoza

A passion for web design and graphic design, Yvonne has worked on many successful web projects for us with outstanding results. Her attention to details makes her a valuable member of the Pinnacle Online Solutions team.

With an eye for graphic design and web design combining with work ethics, Yvonne is considered one of the top talents when it comes to to her skill set and we’re glad she is part of the dream team at Pinnacle Online Solutions.

“I have always love beautiful things and love designing that’s why I chose to do what I do. I consider Internet as a canvas so I get to design beautiful things and share it with the world.”

Kyle Bal

Kyle is prolific coder and programer and has worked on numerous projects including mobile apps. As the leading programer here at Pinnacle Online Solutions, all coding projects will pass through Kyle’s desk for approval before being implemented.

With over 10 years of coding, Kyle has seen everything there is when it comes to computer programming. We’re very proud to have Kyle leading the programming team and deliver great work for our clients.

“I started learning programming at a young age influenced by my family. I love technology and learn new things. With technology advancing and growing at a rapid pace, there’s always something new to learn.”

Nancy Rhee

With an extensive background in marketing, Nancy is the marketing genius here at Pinnacle Online Solutions. She keeps herself up to date with the latest online marketing strategies including organic and paid traffic. We count on her to lead the marketing team here to deliver outstanding results for our valuable clients.

Marketing has always been a passion for Nancy as she loves the challenges that come with it. According to Nancy, it’s never a dull moment with marketing where you have to use your creativity and problem solving skills.

“I love marketing and all the challenges that comes with it. Coming up with creative ways for a marketing campaign is what I live for. It gives me great satisfaction knowing that I have provided a successful marketing campaign that delivered great results.”

…plus a few more to make up our powerful team, whom are quite shy to show their photo to the world.